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Returning policy for furniture store


Hi all,
i bought few pcs of furniture in furniture store. My problem is that it was supposed to be delivered 1 month ago and when i try to reach them their answer is just: its Covid and they dont know. They dont have any details about returning goods on their website just I found some info on Order document which I received that if i cancel order they will not refund up to 42% of the amount. I cant find any right for me/customer just to wait which i dont think its correct. And secondly why i am not able to return any of the goods - its typical store with furniture and i order from theirs sortiment so its nothing special or nothing customized. Any help please how to fight this ?
Thank you so much!


Why are you asking about returning furniture if it has not been delivered?
In normal circumstances you could rightly complain that delivery had not been made on time but these are not normal times and, unless you can prove that the delay is not caused by coronavirus rules, you are just going to have to wait. You can cancel the order but you will lose up to 42%. If you didn't see that when you agreed the order, that is your own fault.
Generally throughout Europe, you can only return goods if they are damaged or are not what you ordered. Not all suppliers stick rigidly to this rule but it is the standard.

May 13, 2021 10:42