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Returning Athlon Lease Car


Does anyone have any experience of the expertise/damage inspection when returning a lease car at lease end (Athlon in my case)? I mean in terms of how strict they are in the inspection.

I have to return mine next week and it does have a few small scratches, bird dropping stains etc. Nothing I would call major, but im worried they could still fail the inspection and end up charging me a packet....

Anyone any experiences to share?



It all depends upon the employer.

Some of them except the charges from Athlon as is while other contest the charges. Athlon will try to push even small scratches.

Also there are employers who will pay all the charges while some pay a certain amount while other pass the complete cost to the employee.

Discuss it with you colleagues they will know better.

Also make sure that the car is cleaned thoroughly inside and out before you return it.

Jun 12, 2015 11:02

Have it valeted and polished before inspection -- that will deal with the bird stains and minor scratches (hopefully)

They will likely note the slightest mark inside and out and then charge for them -

Be willing to dispute their report at the time - My last - car the leasing company reported stained seats! I then went out with the "inspection" guy to see them (as I had had the car valeted) after some time looking hard -- one seat had the tiniest of microscopic marks -- I noted my version on the report and took a photo!)

You do have to take reasonable care of your lease car - but in my book - fair wear and tear should not be penalised

Jun 15, 2015 12:32