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I'm a refugee in Belgium, and I've Type A resident permit,
I've traveled abroad to complete my study,
I didn't inform the municipality before leaving and I'm absent for 11 months,
the municipality has cancelled my registration,
Can I travel back to Belgium using my resident permit?
what is the procedures to register again and reactivate my resident permit ?

Kind Regards


It's highly unusual to cancel a residence card in Belgium. Did you travel to the country you claim fear of persecution under the UN definition of refugee? API track flights out of Belgium and it's possible your travel was tracked. If that's the case, it means your refugee status is withdrawn.

Your only definitive answer will come from Belgian foreign ministry, not from this website.

Aug 10, 2019 18:13

Thanks for replying

No I didn't visit my country of origin, I think it is the usual "gemeenteregisters geschrapt" for absent people

Aug 11, 2019 19:06