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Can anyone suggest a child friendly restaurant to host a communion. I am looking for something with a play ground/play area attached


Hi - can you give an idea on location? Also, do you want an indoor or outdoor play area? elegant or casual?

Jan 13, 2014 12:52

Give some thought to the Ferme Nos Pilifs in North Brussels.
No shortage of child-friendliness (and adult-friendliness too) but run for and by the mentally handicapped it might not meet your expected standards of service. Nonetheless the food is good and honest (and inexpensive).

The only other restos I can think of with (outdoor) play areas are In Den Appelboom which is in the bit of Anderlecht that lies outside the Ring, and De Lammekeshoeve in Grimbergen.

Jan 13, 2014 15:10

I can suggest the following three places (all in Beersel), these are the places where most children in our town celebrate their communion. Boelekewis has a typical brasserie feel to it, it has a small playground, very big garden with bouncy castle when the weather is right and has it's own entrance to the huge playground of the Provinciedomein Huizingen. Food is basic but very good belgian cuisine. The Kasteel van Huizingen in in the Provinciedomein of Huizingen, beautiful and great location but you will have to make sure that young children won't run off to explore the grounds of the park by themselves, the park can get very busy when the weather is good and there is a lake. Sorry can't comment on the quality of the food. Last place I know in the area is Kasteel Gravenhof which is the most fancy of the three and very beautiful. They have a pretty good playground but the children unfortunately have to cross the parking lot to get to it and it is not in full view of the tables on the terrace. They do have a very large grass area in front of the castle. There are many many private parties held at Gravenhof and I know of a family who reserved there for their child's communion more than a year in advance (crazy, imho). The food is pretty expensive but really very good. Hope this helps a bit. If it would be for my child I would go for Boelekewis. Have fun!

Jan 13, 2014 16:10