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Resigning short-term lease contract (3 years and less)


Hi guys,
My rental contract has been started in September 2016 as a short term one - 3 years and less. It is stated there that It is for a year and if no upfront notice will be revived then this contract is automatically extended for the same duration. As of today, I have entered the 5th year under this contract and got to know will need to resign it as I am being relocated to different country.
I have just informed my lanlord who told me I will need to pay 3 months penalty or I do need to look for somebody else.

My question is, taking into account the timing, should be already in this long-term 9 years contract which I can resign at any time with a 3 month notice without a penalty?

Am I obliged to find somebody to replace me?

Will appreciate your feedback.



You are right, this is now a 9-Year long term contract. A short term lease cannot be longer than 3 years and cannot be renewed more than twice.

You've been there for 5 years, therefore the short term lease has reverted to a long term lease. You need to gove 3 full months notice and you do not have a penalty to pay.

I would strongly advise against playing the "look for someone else" game. You are under absolutely no obligation to do so.

Sep 2, 2020 15:05

J is quite right, however do make sure that you "inform" the landlord in the prescribed manner - and note that three months notice means three clear calendar months notice, so notice advised in the prescribed manner to the landlord today will become effective at the end of December.

Sep 2, 2020 21:43