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Residency application - how to get an 'attestation' of income


I am a UK pensioner, recently arrived in Brussels. I have been told by the commune that I need a statement from the British consulate verifying my monthly income in euros. I can easily provide proof of income but the consulate insists that they do not offer such a service and have never before been asked to do so! The suggested alternative is to have my pensions paid into my newly-opened Belgian bank account and to show several months' income payments (after UK tax has been deducted, presumably). This would delay the progress of my residency application. Has anyone encountered this problem? Does anyone know of another way to provide the verification required? Many thanks.


You must have misunderstood what they were asking for.

You should ask your pension provider for a statement of your pension.

If you get a UK state pension, you can ask them to provide you with a statement:

Mar 29, 2018 17:31

Assuming that you are a UK STATE pensioner, you have to notify the Pensions Service that you have moved to Bruxelles and I would advise you to have your pension paid into your Belgian bank account. You can ask UK Revenue & Customs for a form to declare that you are now resident in Belgium and that you will be paying tax in Belgium in future (you have no choice in this respect, once registered you pay tax in Belgium - except any occupational pensions paid as a result of employment by the state which remain subject to UK tax). Once this has happened you will be sent a form S1 which will enable you to affiliate to a Belgian mutual, the Commune may well accept a sight of it as proof of your entitlement to residency.
Note that if you are not yet a UK state pensioner the situation is very different and, inter-alia, you will have to take out private health insurance - you are only eligible for an EHIC card if you have been issued with that form S1.
I deliberately waited until I was 65 before moving permanently to Belgium to avoid these problems.

Mar 29, 2018 20:42

Suggest you also send an email to Europe Direct. Fill in the online form:

Takes about 3 business working days, but they do reply.

Mar 29, 2018 22:47

Get in touch with the Brussels Expat Welcome Desk. They are very professional helpful, and aren't just for working expats.

Apr 1, 2018 12:12