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Residence Permit Renewal - Timing



I'm interested if anyone has recently renewed their residence permit following renewal of a professional card (not a new single permit).

My new professional card was issued earlier in the year, and all the documents to renew my residence permit were submitted by the commune to the Federal Immigration Office in May. My residence permit expired in July, so I have been without a valid permit for almost a month and there has been no news.

I was told to expect delays at the Federal Immigration Office, but for it to now take three months and leave me without a valid residence permit (making travel difficult) is extremely frustrating.

Has anyone had a similar experience recently and can shed any light on how long it took for their residence permit renewal?



When your permit expires, it's your responsibility t§o go to the commune and renew it. I suggest you start the process today.

Aug 14, 2019 11:51

I am well aware of that. As I noted in my question, the documents have been provided to the commune, which sent them to the federal immigration office in May. I have been waiting for a response since then.

Aug 14, 2019 12:11

It depends on the commune as well. Do not wait for response, go or call there and ask for information, or call directly to DVZ and ask what is the status of your file. 3 months is really long....

Aug 21, 2019 15:35