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residence card expires next week, no appt received yet from Brussels commune


I received the letter from the Brussels commune to email them to schedule my appointment to renew my expiring identity card, which expires next Thursday.

As of today, haven't received any appointments, and have called the commune number, but of course, nobody picks up. I actually went by the commune, but they had stopped taking appointments, so there was no available person to talk to, except the guard who had no clue about my question, obviously.

Anybody on here have experience renewing their identity card with the Brussels commune with their new online appt system? If I sent the email on Nov. 29th to schedule the appt, about when should I expect a reply from these people?


I would strongly recommend that you go first thing tomorrow morning before opening, wait in line to get it renewed before the holidays start...... do not wait for them to send you an appointment !......if you have a delay in getting it renewed it will cause major headaches down the line if you ever want to apply for Belgian Nationality

Dec 21, 2016 19:28