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Reserving a place in secondary


Good Morning Xpats ,

My daughter is 7 years (second year of primary). Would like to know when should I start reserving place in secondary schools for primiere secondary. Heard from lot of parents that the list of students is too long.Should I start is now or may be after a year??...just wanted to be sure that she gets a place in a good school.
Thanks in advance


You won't get to that stage until the early part of year 6, so over 3 years to go yet. And there's no point fretting about it now - they are prone to changing the inscription rules on a regular basis.
And it's different according to the language.
In the current system, the one way of being sure of getting into a "good" secondary school (in the francophone system) is to go to a "disadvantaged" primary school, which is not exactly something I'd recommend.

Mar 13, 2012 12:45