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Requirements for Belgian Permanent Residency


I am currently experiencing an increasingly frustrating experience with my commune regarding non-compliance in processing my request for documents related to my Identity Card for foreigners (I’m an American Citizen) and am reaching out for help or guidance on this issue. More specifically, I already registered at the town hall of the commune in which I live. However, I have not received an annexe 19, which I need not only to open a bank account in Belgium but to register for a professional card and enterprise number. In addition, I am required to submit a Medical Certificate to the commune but have not received a copy from the commune for a doctor to sign (the doctor I visited told me that the commune customarily provides this certificate for the medical examination and he was surprised that they had not done so).
Anyway, I sent three emails so far to the commune to request a copy of the annexe and medical certificate that have gone unanswered. I also emphasized the importance of receiving the documents from the commune in a timely manner due to the expiration of my Criminal Record after 3 months (obtaining the Criminal Record was an arduous process that I won’t even go into right now).
It’s my understanding that the communes are mandated by state to provide and to process requests from both residents and non-residents and I would greatly appreciate any recommendations regarding the proper state agency that I can contact in order to resolve the issue.

Thank you


In general, though there will be differences between communes and services, there’s no point of trying to deal with the commune by email. Go to the population service during their opening hours to ask for the form for the medical exam.
Annex 19 is basically a receipt you get once you have submitted a complet request for residence, so it’s unlikely the commune will give it to you before you submit your medical cert., and any other missing docs.

Aug 28, 2020 18:50

Thank you for your response. This is very helpful.

Aug 30, 2020 15:51