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Requirements for Belgian Permanent Residency



Is there a specific website which will list all the requirements for permanent residency in Belgium?

Based on what I read, i needed help understanding 2 aspects -

1. The applicant cannot be outside the kingdom of Belgium in the 5 years preceding the date of the application for a period of more than 1 year. Is this true? How does the Belgian immigration authority calculate this 1 year period? Is it only the days you spend outside the schengen area? or it is the days you spend outside Belgium?

2. If you were a student during your stay in Belgium, is your time as a student included in the 5 year uninterrupted stay calculation?

Thank you!



here is some info on the Q1:
No one will check your absences (it is technically not possible) unless you officially de-register from the commune - this would be proof of your absence. if you have legal uninterrupted stay of 5 years and the commune has this in their records. that should be ok.

Sep 23, 2020 14:44