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Requirements for Belgian Permanent Residency



I am not able to find the official website which lists all the requirements for a permanent residency in Belgium. Can someone help me with this?

What I have read on numerous posts is that -
1. You need to have an uniterrupted stay of 5 years.
- Does this include the time you spent in Belgium as a student?

2. You cannot leave Belgium for a period of more than 1 year in total in the past 5 years.
- Is there an explanation somewhere on how the commune / Belgian immigration authorities calculate this one year period.
- Is it only the number of days outside the Schengen area or the number of days outside Belgium? How do they keep track of this?

Thank you!


You will get the right answer from the commune.

Dont rely on comments here

Aug 9, 2020 09:47

Hi there,

Q1: honestly, I do not know precise info but I heard that the time as student counts only as half - if you stayed 2 years it will count as 1.

Q2: to my knowledge they take into consideration your absences ONLY if you officially deregistered from the commune. If you stay registered and keep you residence card, it is considered uninterrupted stay. No one keeps track of your absences if you travel for work or leisure.

Aug 10, 2020 10:33
Handy Man

It all starts at the commune.
Commune is the most local interface between state & citizen ( resident or not, nationals or foreign ) They are mandated by state to provide you guidance and to process your request. First entry level. It is in their duty that is why commune get money from the state and can take 'centimes additionnels on your taxes.

Aug 10, 2020 21:56

You can look at the following website:
- follow the links on legalization of all the documents

It is not that hard but it does involve paperwork and legalization of all your documents.

Aug 11, 2020 18:28