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Reports of animal cruelty continue to rise

12:07 30/03/2015

The number of reports of animal cruelty received by Flanders’ animal welfare service hotline (02.524.74.11) continues to rise. In 2014, there were 956 reports of animal abuse, or nearly 87% on a total of 1,102 calls, reports De Zondag based on figures from the environmental administration of the Flemish government.

In 2010, 12.5% of the 893 reports to the animal welfare service were concerning animal abuse. This number has only gone up in recent years, from 51% in 2012 to 86.8% last year, a record high.

"It’s true that a hotline generates more calls as its existence becomes better known,” admits spokeswoman Brigitte Borgmans. “But people are also becoming more and more sensitive to animal suffering.” Most of the reports have to do with lack of proper shelter and care for the animals.

Animal welfare minister Ben Weyts is currently preparing a campaign to raise awareness of the responsibilities involved in keeping an animal.

Written by Robyn Boyle



Its is people's attitude that needs changing as a rule, animals (non-human ones...) still being considered 'vastly inferior' to the human species and mere 'consumer goods'. Imports from abroad in the field of attitude often adding to the ignorance. Not so very long ago we overheard international diplomats with the Customs Cooperation Council in Brussels 'complaining' about certain regulations forcing them to adopt measures relating to animal welfare, something that was unthinkable to them. As to those rules being applied... Yet many such 'environment FS' are treated with the respect due to kings on account of their status, living in luxury in their (free and) lavish hotels or residences everywhere, pooh-poohing the whole thing.
Let Ben Weyts insist on special classes in schools here, to better instruct the kids from an early age, on care as well as basic biology. And have him introduce a series of sanctions for abusers, not only with fines but forcing them to receive some basic instruction in the field, at evening school if necessary. In itself rather a tough but very necessary punishment for the type of ignoramus involved presumably!

Mar 30, 2015 17:05