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report - job hunting


I am quite desperately trying to find work in the NGO sector and would really appreciate any advice.  I have a Masters but am not being able to get shortlisted for any internships even, let alone junior jobs.  I know that it's a really bad time to be job hunting with the recession, but I need to break in.  Please, any advice, suggestions? I used to cold email people in my sector for advice but it hasn't led anywhere. I have interned and done a bit of part-time work, though not directly in my field.  What does it take to get a foot in the door? I have a few months money so it's not desperation for survival, but I really need to start working and I just cant get in. Others have advised to volunteer, but you cant just volunteer at ngo's here, it is highly regulated and you ony get in with hyper competetive internships, but those dont lead to jobs anywway.  Help please :( I had no replies yesterday but really hope for some today. Thank you.


Tell us about your languages, prior work experience, and what subject your masters is.

Sep 16, 2011 11:51