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Replace Stookolie with Aardgas


Does anybody happen to know how much does it cost to replace your heating with stookolie(mazout) in the house by aardgas(gaz riche)? What are the costs of getting a meter and connection from the street?


There are so many variables that it is almost impossible to give anything more than a vague estimate.
I had it done some years back and I reckon that it paid for itself (by savings on the cost of mazout usage) in about 4 years.
If you post an email address, I can give you some ideas - in particular how the variables will affect the overall cost.

Dec 10, 2020 12:38

As KASSEISTAMPER notes above, there are too many variables here to really make a definitive statement.

A huge factor will be the age and type of your existing boiler. Some newer boilers can be "adapted" to gas by just changing the burner. If you need to replace the entire boiler that will be a higher cost.

Another factor is whether there is already a supply in your street, and how far your house is from the road.

If your neighbors already have gas, go around and ask one of them who their chauffagiste is. Then call and have them give you a quote.

If you can wait, and COVID allowing, you could go to Batibaouw in February, where you will be able to meet a lot of suppliers and see what the market is.

Dec 10, 2020 13:00