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Renting with a small dog


I just got a great job offer in Brussels and am considering relocating.
Although it may seem trivial to many people, one of the things I have to consider is bringing my small, well-behaved dog along to Belgium with me.
She is well used to apartment life, and for sure I would hire a dog walker so that no accidents happen while I'm away at work.

Still, I am worried about renting an apartment with a dog in Brussels. I found an article here that states that rental contracts must allow pets:
However, I am worried that there is a big difference between what is written and how things really are in practice.
What would be my best approach to finding an apartment?
Do I just call any advertisement that I find fitting and plainly ask them what the situation is, or do I have a better shot in just contacting a rental agency and tell them what kind of an apartment I'm searching for and see if they have anything that fits me?


First thing is to realise that this article refers to Flanders and not Brussels or Wallonia. So you would have to live in a Flemish commune, which is not a problem. For example, in Kraainem you have an easy commute by metro to the city centre.
Use an immo agency. Landlords are not always straight and even with an agency you have to be very careful with contract terms, deposits, entry surveys. There are also a few scammers offering apartments and demanding an upfront payment. Never do this, you’ll never see it again.
There are several articles on this web site about renting.
Finally I suggest you be open from the beginning about your dog.

Apr 9, 2019 00:05

It is best to contact the agency and say what conditions you need, then consider options with a realtor. It will be a huge plus for you if there is one of your acquaintances or friends at that place (where you are going to move) so that they consider your options.

Sep 30, 2019 10:55