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renting the apartment in Belgium


I have two questions regarding the renting of the apartment in Belgium.

1.I have a Finnish residence permit (from Finland) valid up to August 2017. I applied for a long stay visa (type D) in Belgium with my new job in Belgium. Unfortunately it hasn't been issued yet. I want to rent the apartment in Belgium that my accommodation will be ready when my work will be started. Can I rent the apartment in Belgium for at least 1 year with my situation?
2. My husband have the Dutch residence permit. Is he eligible to rent the apartment in Belgium?

Thanks in advance for your help and response.


To rent an apartment here you do not need a residence permit. Most landlords or agencies will as about proof of salary and at least of 2 month deposit so be prepared to have enough cash before going to rent. These are general terms but however it depends from one landlord another as some of them tend to prejudge people by origin so they might want to refuse some people of certain origin.

Jan 26, 2017 13:37