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Rental realtor recommendations requested


Any recommendations for realtors to help us find a rental, especially from afar? We'll be looking for an apartment/house to rent around Merode (Etterbeek, WSL, Bxl ville). We're not ready for actual listings yet, but want to get a good handle on the process, timeline, costs, and so on so we can plan a house-hunting trip if necessary. English or French speaking. Someone who's responsive by email would be a real bonus.



Yes. They're all money grabbing scum who'll see naive expats coming a mile off and only show you round overpriced properties and hoodwink you into spending far more money than you need to on a substandard property with a landlord who'll screw you for the full deposit and more when you leave.
//rant over//
Seriously, that is a far too narrow area, unless you're workaholic Eurocrats with no kids who need to walk to work, and "realtors", or rather "estate agents", are not a profession that is regarded in high esteem here.
Please don't get me started on relocation agents...
I'd suggest you come over for a long weekend, having taken detailed advice through this Q&A on where to look, with a list of appointments you've made through trawling through and If you don't find a suitable property, go for an aparthotel and use that as a base for your property hunting.
The best properties never get advertised and go word-of-mouth or from a sign in the window. The worst go through estate agents.

Dec 8, 2011 21:27