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rental of pare bedroom


Dear Members,

i am contemplating renting the spare bedroom that is rarely used in my appartment. this would be an opportunity for me to acquire an extra income, questions are as follows:

1. Do i need to create a rental contract
2. Once signatures have been acquired which organisation do i visit to register?
What tax would i expect to pay on the rental income?

Thanks have a great sunday :)


Is this your own property or are you renting? If you are renting you will need to get the owner's approval.
You need a rental contract and you need to protect yourself from such things as your tenant having the heating on maximum constantly, calling granny in Australia for hours at a time on your landline and so on.
Your tenant should be registered with the commune as living with you.
Income on unfurnished property is untaxed. The percentage of the rental which applies to any furnishings will be agreed with the tax authorities and be taxed. However many (even most?) furnished properties are not declared as such.

Oct 2, 2017 11:11

Hi ap a friend of mine regularly rents to students she find this works for her.
I would suggest a contract is always the best way and a clear set of guidemce on say who cleans the kitchen etc prior to th moving in saves a lot of issues later.
Good luck

Oct 4, 2017 11:12