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Rental contract



my landlord just informed me that he will be selling the house, and they want me to leave within an 6 month period..
Is this legal? i am paying my rent in time and all my charges.

consecutive answers please.

Thanks for your Help.

From the archives

It depends, how long have you been renting, what does your contract say ?
If you speak Dutch and/or French, check out or

Just saying "it ends in six months" when you have NOT lived in the place for at least six years is not valid.

You may be able to get 18 months rent of of this ;-)

OTOH, if the house DOES get sold, and the new owners want to live in it, it only takes them 6 months to get you out of there.. so your landlord is probably trying to get you to quit so he has a higher resale value (if a property is still rented out, it usually sells for less)

Aug 23, 2011 14:04