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Rental contract


I am a landlord planning to lease my apartment for rent, unfurnished. I have some queries on this regard. Hope some of the experts can me help me on them.

# (q) In the event of signing a new rental contract with a tenant for a standard 3-6-9 lease contract, Is there a new law that it needs to be registered with the notary?

# (q) If answer is yes, any idea how much does it cost for the registration procedure?

# (q) Who has to bear the registration cost with the notary, landlord or tenant?

# (q) What are the legal implication if a contract is not registered with the notary?

# (q) What are the benefits of registering a 3-6-9 lease contract? (From landlord and tenant perspective)

# (q) Are there any type of rental contract types which doesn’t need to be registered?

# (q) Is there a deadline by which the signed lease contract needs to be registered?

# (q) Could somebody point me out from white Belgian site can I download a template in French for a standard 3-6-9 lease contract please?

From the archives

1. No, it needs to be registered with the commune
2. Don't know. Might vary by commune and won't be much
3. Landlord
4. None
5. The lease is not valid
6. Short term contracts. I think.
7. 2 months

Contracts here:

Or I think this one is clearer. 1st link:

Lots more information & leaflets here:

Aug 23, 2011 11:56