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rent a guitar


I am looking to rent a guitar for my son to start learning lessons. I live in Overijse, but am willing to travel. Does anyone have any recommendations where or prices? Thank you.


You are really probably better off just buying an entry level basic guitar. If he is any good within 6-12 months you could consider getting something better, but at least initially, it really isn't worth renting something. You can rent, but it will be rent high quality guitars, which will cost a lot.

Try a shop like Key Music.

You can get a perfectly acceptable beginners guitar starter pack for €119

Jul 14, 2017 12:45

Hi there,

I have an entry level basic guitar and a soft case. I can sell it to you for €25 and will even bring it to Overijse for you to look and try if you like. Or you can come to Ohain this weekend. email me nutrivert at if interested and we can make an arrangement. I can also send pix later today. cheers, Chris

Jul 14, 2017 13:44