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Rent contract without work contract


I'm an american who recently moved to Belgium. I went out looking for places today, and found one that i really like. The owner has arranged a meeting on Friday to sign the contract. I said it wouldn't be a problem. Then she asked for my email address, and sent me a copy of the contract. It states that i need to bring a copy of my last pay stub, or work contract. This is a problem as i don't have a job in Belgium yet. What can I do? I obviously have a savings, and I'm living off that. I am legally in the country, and do have a work permit, just no job yet. Has anyone dealt with this kind of problem before? The rent is €750, all inclusive. I can obviously afford it, or i wouldn't have agreed to move in. I really don't want to loose this place, as I've been looking at places non stop for the past two weeks, and this one is perfect! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also- any landlords, what would you do if a potential tenant had this same dilemma? Please help!!

From the archives

I would show old payslips from your last job to show your usual expected salary when you find employment and your bank account statement to show you have enough money to pay the rent for the forthcoming months ... the landlordneeds to see that you can actually pay the rent!

Aug 23, 2011 13:27