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Renewal of Residence Card


Hi Guys, I have an F card and i will have to renew it on September.
- I will take a photo with me and besides Do you think I have to provide my appartment contract and any bank details ?
- Secondly, fast receiving option by paying 200euro is still available ? I did that before and it was very helpful due to my work
- What is the difference between F and F+ card ?
Thank you in advance..


You are automatically entitled to apply for F+ card as the first F card is going to expire. You need to provide that you are able to support your self or your partner can support at least 1400euro per month you the same you did when you got your first card. The regulations are getting tighter in order to stop people benefiting form public welfare. I am supposing that you are married to a Belgian citizen, if so you can also apply for naturalization providing that you have at least 3 years married and at least 5 year residence here.
The difference between F and F+ is that this time you will be moved from foreigners register to national register and in the future there will be no requirements to renew your cards providing that you continue to live in Belgium, but you just provide your picture and 20euro.

Jun 20, 2017 19:04

Just to add to above mentioned: you need to apply for F+ card at least 5 months before expiration of your current F card to avoid gap in legal residency otherwise you might get problem when applying for citizenship. F+ card gives you unlimited residence in BE that cannot be taken away from you unlike F card.

Jun 25, 2017 19:23

Thank you very much for the helpful answers. Cant I ask only to renew F card to get new one instead of F+ card since it takes 5 months ?

Jul 31, 2017 13:19