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removing dog pee


Two days ago my husband posted a question concerning dog pee.
We asked a professional cleaner ( based on advertisement here )

Yesterday 2 gentlemen arrived, with a bottle of Solarine and a bottle of Cif gel javel.

They had no vacuum cleaner etc np they used ours. Our present siuation is that we have a smelly room with stains ( not removed and a soaked carpet ). They worked for 3 hours and charged 90 euros + 25 euros for the cleaning products they bought ( advertisement said 15 euros an hour). Today I have my maid doing her best to get the water out but I need help to get rid of the smell and stains since our house guest is arriving on Monday, thinking of giving her our room anyway. To the gentleman who offered to sell "US clean stains for rugs and sofas" can you be so kind to send me your info by email ( to make arrangements to purchase a bottle? TIA!!!

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And you paid them..?

Aug 30, 2011 16:27