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Remove spots/smudges on painted walls


Greetings- We will be moving out of our rental home soon and are wondering what the best methods are for cleaning the painted walls of our home. We've noticed some spots/smudges on the painted walls particularly near the sink areas and behind the stove top. Is there a product made specifically for removing these types of spots on painted walls? Just trying to be sure we do our best before the move-out inspection. Any idea how much per meter will be assessed if it is determined that the walls need to be repainted?

From the archives

There is like some sort of magic eraser from mr. Clean. It looks like a white sponge and you just get ut wet and erase any stains. Yoy can get it at a supermarket or brico which sells something simular of snother brand and us jyst as eficient

Aug 26, 2011 15:57