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After 15 years in Brussels I am relocating to France but I feel completely lost on where to begin the admin... The commune? Partena (I am an an independent)? A notary? My accountant? The whole process just feels overwhelming at the moment. I am planing to keep my apartment in Bxl as I still have to commute occasionally. I am an EU citizen so in theory it shouldn't be that complicated. Please help :)).


Hey An maybe you need to find a relocation agent to help you smooth the process. In my experience quitting Belgium wasn’t hard you would need to speak to your commune. However I would wait until you are certain where you go and when like wise things like partner you will need health insurance in France so keep it until you have it established. What will you do with your apartment leave itun occupied? Let your building manager know in case of issue maybe find a friend willing to be a key holder.

Mar 2, 2018 11:10