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Reimbursement for bloodwork


Hello all,

I recently submitted for reimbursement to Partena a bill for bloodwork that I did at my doctor's office, which costed almost 70 euros. To my surprise Partena has calculated that I only have the right to receive 9 euros reimbursement?!?
I thought that if the tests are done at the doctor's recommendation they are reimbursed much more extensively...what is the point of the insurance if the reimbursements are insignificant?
Is this the usual reimbursement amount or has there been a mistake?



The level of reimbursement is set by law. The MINIMUM that a doctor has to charge is also set by law.
If your doctor has ripped you off, that is not the concern of the mutuelle.
My mutuelle gives a breakdown of how each refund is calculated so that I can see whether a medical practitioner is charging me the minimum, rounding the charge up slightly or being greedy.

Oct 28, 2020 22:13