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Registering as new foreigner in Brussels


Dear all,

I (EU citizen) will be staying at Brussels for a duration of 94 days. As I understand, every foreigner staying for longer than 3 months/90 days will need not only to signal his or her presence in Belgium, but also officially register - I'm not sure how stricly this rule is applied, but I'm guessing that means that I will have to register and not just "signal" my presence.
I'm at a bit of loss though, because I've read at the official website of Brussels that I can only register by appointment and the next open appointment is in April, after I've already left.

I now consider going to the administration office without an appointment, taking all relevant documents with me (further question - see below) and basically ask them what I should do as I'll need to inform them of my stay within 8 business days anyways.
Does that make sense or is there any other (better) action I should take? Can I go to any of the administration offices? The central one if the one closest to me, but I wonder whether it would make more sense to go to one of the smaller ones?

What documents do I need? As I understand, I'll need my ID/passport, 2 pictures and my working contract. Will I also need bring my lease contract?


Don't bother. Not for a matter of 4 days.

Dec 19, 2018 14:40

I would agree with J so long as this is a one off occurrence but, if you are going to be back again in a year or so, it might be work taking advice at the commune rather than risk a problem when you return.

Dec 19, 2018 15:04

Thank you. As I understand, I'll have to "signal" my presence in Belgium anyways, so I might as well ask them what to do while I'm at it.

Does anybody have advice if I should go to the main administrative office or if it would be worth taking the longer way to the Louise one?

Dec 20, 2018 10:54

If you take a one week holiday outside Belgium in the middle that might solve the problem. Could you really not leave 4 days early?
Or perhaps go to a day trip to Netherlands on day 89?

Dec 25, 2018 07:14