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Region provides nearly €1 million for temporary housing for homeless

14:34 09/07/2021

The Brussels regional government has set aside nearly €1 million to convert currently empty space in various buildings into housing. The idea is to create safe, temporary housing for 500 homeless people during a critical period.

The number of people squatting in empty properties has increased over the last year due to the migration crisis, the corona crisis and a shortage of affordable options in general in the capital. In order to improve the safety and welfare of people living in empty or abandoned spaces, the government is earmarking €965,000 for temporary housing.

The money will be used by organisations working with the homeless, migrants or in the affordable housing sector to create liveable spaces in currently empty properties. Permission must be obtained and an agreement signed with the owners of the properties.

The funding does not compensate owners of the properties but will instead go towards utility costs, bedding and any other improvements needed to make the property safe for residents. Priority will be given to homeless minors, people with mental health problems and families with children.

The government is keen to see larger projects take shape, such as one building or block housing at least 100 people. This will facilitate the management of the project, it said.

Photo courtesy cabinet Ans Persoons


Written by Lisa Bradshaw