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Regarding permanent residency in Belgium


I am Indian working in Belgium (Type-B work permit)
I arrived here (Belgium) in 2012 Sep and currently in my 5th year.
Normally next renewal during my 6th work permit (5th renewal), I should get type A card/ permanent residence.

But now I have been asked by employer in Europe if I could go to US for few months (max 1 year) to handle some projects.
As am due to receive permanent residency in Oct 2017 (provided I maintain 5 years of continuous legal residence).
Is it possible maintain legal residence by getting Belgian pay slips (partial pay - need to discuss with my company) which are required for application of permanent residence to show that I still have employment in Belgium and am still eligible for permanent residence?

FYI, My wife and kid will contine to live in Europe and I plan to visit them as and when required.

<My question>

Please advice how I could handle my situation so thay I don't throw away an opportunity getting permanent residencey in Belgium.
If you think, there is a way this could work, I would like to take professional consultation.


Have you discussed with your commune? They should be able to provide you with good advice.

Dec 17, 2016 09:54

Since you will keep receiving salary/continue paying taxes in Belgium and your family will remain here, simply stay registered with your commune and extend your residence on time. This will allow you keeping your residence in Belgium uninterruped and be eligible for permanent residency status.
If you decide to deregister they will take away your resident card and your stay will be interrupted and if it is for more than 6 months, consider your 4+years throuwn to garbage.

Jan 9, 2017 13:21