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Regarding F card of Belgium


Hi. Have some questions...
1. If i stay outside of Belgium will my F card be cancelled?
2. Can i renew my F card from Belgium embassy, uk? Or i have to come Belgium for renew....
3. Is it legal to have 2 country residence permit/card? Example Belgium and uk....


If you keep your F-card you will pay tax in Belgium. If someone else has since registered at your old address your F-card will be cancelled anyway unless you have registered at a new residential address in Belgium.

Jan 22, 2020 21:27

Another person registered at your address will not cancel the registration of the first person registered, it will simply mean 2 menages registered to the same address. I experienced it myself, when I started getting letters for the previous occupants of my house, turned out 11 people were registered in 2 menages, the previous family left Belgium without deregistration, but I pointed out how Google found them back in their original country.

Yes if you go live outside Belgium, life will eventually catch up with you. No you cannot register f card outside Belgium. F+ card holders can leave Belgium for a maximum of 5 years and regain residency without starting recognition of EU family membership., not f card holders.

Jan 23, 2020 10:20