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Recommendation for laundry soap for baby clothing


Hi! What brand or name of laundry detergent would be the best to use for washing newborn babies clothing and, most importantly, cloth diaper, here in brussels?
Thanks for any information.


Flakes of Marseille soap: , those have been around for ages (since I was a baby...). In France I could find them in big plastic bags, no idea if you can find the bags here too. But the link shows what the boxes look like.

Oct 26, 2013 15:24

we use the mark 'chat' never had any problems with our 2 kids.

Oct 26, 2013 17:06

We used soap nuts and Sonett bleaching agent which you can buy at any of the organic stores. The soap nuts we got at Amazon. Our son had very sensitive skin and we also used cloth diapers and were very happy with the soap nuts and the Sonett. This combination had no parfums which was important and all natural.... All the best to you!

Oct 26, 2013 21:41
adds Oct 27, 2013 01:30

Thank you, I have a few options now! :)

Oct 31, 2013 00:03