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reasonable time to wait for Landlord's reply



Since Saturday I had a leak through the ceiling when it was heavily raining. I had immediately informed the landlord over email but he still hasn't said anything (it's Tuesday now).

I sent another email today asking for his confirmation that he has read my previous email on both addresses that I have from him.

How long is it reasonable that I wait and should I immediately send a recommended letter?

Now the leak has stopped but a few cracks had formed and I am afraid it will start leaking even worse next time it rains heavily.

So far he had always replied to my emails promptly almost so I am surprised that I've not received any reaction so far.

Thank you in advance for your advice!


You should ALWAYS communicate with your landlord with registered mail or a hand delivered and signed for letter. There is nothing to stop you from following up with an email, but sending the letter first will always ensure that you have a legal record that you informed them of the problem.

Feb 3, 2021 17:54