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Rats create tunnel system under Etterbeek avenue to steal rubbish

17:11 14/09/2020

The intelligence and efficiency with which the rat population is at work on Avenue des Celtes (pictured) is downright disturbing to residents of the street, near Cinquantenaire. A devilishly clever system of tunnels is allowing the rats to move about quickly in their quest to tear open rubbish bags.

The rats are creating tunnels by digging into the earth surrounding the trees planted in the street. They have made a system of corridors that connect them to different islands of trees and come out at night to find delicious goodies in sacks of rubbish on the pavement.

The tunnel exits are hidden by bushes that surround the trees. The rats couldn’t have planned it better, really.

A resident of the street, which runs between Avenue de Tervueren and Place Saint-Pierre, has informed the Etterbeek council, which has further informed Brussels Mobility. While there is currently no concrete plan to tackle the situation, Etterbeek mayor Vincent De Wolf (MR) told La Libre that there were a number of possibilities.

“We could place barriers where they go in and out, or we could spray gas into the tunnels,” De Wolf said. “We need to discuss all the options.”

Photo courtesy Google

Written by Lisa Bradshaw



I am not surprised that there are rats. It is a dirty mucky road with bags of rubbish left for days on the ground under the trees. Perhaps fining people for leaving their rubbish out on the wrong day should be brought back into force.

Sep 15, 2020 09:27

Why does Etterbeek not impose the use of Orange bags for food waste? Too many people continue to dispose of food waste in the white bags. Try being more ecological, folks.

Jan 14, 2021 23:12