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Rainbowpages provides directory of gay-friendly Belgian businesses

17:01 03/01/2023

A new online directory called the Rainbowpages, as a nod to the traditional Yellow Pages, will feature businesses that support LGBT+ causes.

Launched by organisation Match Belgium, the online directory will direct people to professionals, organisations and businesses that are part of or support the LGBT+ community.

Businesses can register at the website and others can sign up for free to be users. Categories of registered LGBT+ friendly associations include art, childcare, food and drinks, law, medical, mental health and many more.

The initiative came about as a result of collaboration with Utsopi, a sex workers' advocacy organisation, with support from the Brussels Region.

“This website seeks to be your guide where you can find the following: organisations, liberal professions, entrepreneurs and artists who are part of the LGBT+ community or are LGBT+-friendly and committed to inclusion in the workplace and environment,” the Rainbowpages website explains.

“The initiative is, first and foremost, an attempt to provide an answer to the demand of the community, where you can go for a service, care, a workplace, a place to relax, a shop... where you don't have to fear discrimination of any kind.”

The organisation said it also hoped to encourage a more inclusive society at large.

“We need everyone if we want to make a better society. This project wants to contribute to positive change, to a sustainable and inclusive society.”

The hope is also that businesses supportive of the LGBT+ community can experience economic growth and benefits not only through an increase in patronage but also through collaborations with one another.

Match Belgium describes itself as “an LGBT+ organisation that aims to empower, inspire and support women, trans, non-binary people and people of colour in their personal lives and professional development”, adding that “all their friends and allies are always welcome”.

Written by Helen Lyons