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A question to owners of bichon


A question to owners of bichon frise or bichon maltais dogs:

We are considering getting one and have done a bit of research. But the information I have read on two things have been contradictory, so would love to hear from you:
1 Are these dogs difficult to train and housebreak? (Some sources say yes, some say they are easy)

2 Are they big nonstop barkers? I know they are good watchdogs but are they otherwise quiet?

And while we're at it, if you have raised a bichon with other dogs or cats, I'd love to hear how that ent!
Thanks so much

From the archives

My parents have a couple of bichon frises and they are loving, playful, kind and wonderful creatures. Never heard of them being difficult to train and housebreak, and they are certainly not nonstop barkers. They are, however, very cautious of strangers.

Although there are breed characteristics, every dog is individual and some will not conform to expectations. Best way to find out is to spend some time with the puppy that you plan to buy and try to understand their behaviour.

Aug 22, 2011 17:37