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Question about flying to the USA through Heathrow



I'm planning a trip to the USA in late July, early August, and the cheaper flights that come out have stops in Heathrow.

Does one have to go through security or passport control again in Heathrow to get on the plane to the USA?

Or you get off the plane in Heathrow, and walk to the next terminal for the plane bound to the USA?



I've done this many times. It's not a bad way at all to get to the USA and often the most affordable itinerary, especially in summer.
Using BA, in Heathrow you stay in the big terminal (I think it is 5) the whole time. You do have to go through security again, it can seem very crowded there but it is very efficiently handled so not such a big deal. No passport control. Then you hang out in the big terminal shopping, eating, drinking coffee or whatever until your flight.
There are also options using Brussels Airlines connecting to Virgin Atlantic for LHR - USA. I have not tried that option (yet) but if you check the terminal listings on a flight itinerary you should be able to figure it out. Switching terminals in a big airport like LHR could be a pain...

May 20, 2012 12:18