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Query of startup rules and tax for business expansion in another EU country


Hi, I started a consulting last year and currently I manage only my billing , I want to expand to portugal. I am a permanent resident
I was thinking of using global employment service who are fine bringing a non eu person on work permit
My query is as follows
I am investing 6 to 8 month salary for this person till I get my revenue in Portugal. He will ve responsible for business expansion. I will be paying the seo or global employment agency who will raise a invoice on me monthly
What will be the impact on tax and what documents I need to submit to tax authority in order to clearly explain this situation

The global employment and I are getting into the contract for them to manage work permit and payroll on my behalf , apart from this do I need any thing else

Whom should I contact to get clarity it is huge step in taking forward and hope to get help from this forum


I am sorry but your question is very confusing and not clear at all. Do you have a company here? Are you registered as an Independent? Are you an EU national? Why do you want to employ a non EU national in another EU country? Do they even speak Portuguese?
You need to find a good accountant who understands this. Surely your global employment service can advise you? I think you will be lucky to get an answer on this forum but you never know...

Dec 1, 2019 23:33

"I am investing 6 to 8 month salary for this person"
Pfff. I wouldn't expect to see that again.

Dec 2, 2019 17:21

"Whom should I contact to get clarity"

You should contact your accountant.

Dec 2, 2019 19:50