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Query regarding Belgian Permanent Resident



I am an Indian with Type B work Permit staying in Brussels legally for almost 5 years.

My first RP start date was 02nd July,2014 and the current one ends on 22nd June,2019.

My employer has some delays in processing the new work permit and would take couple of months to concretely file it with Ministry.

Will this break my five year eligiblity for Permanent Residence??



Generally speaking no it should not pose a problem because in their system it will indicate that you're WP is in process but try as much as possible to have your employer apply for the WP as soon as possible. This will reduce a lot of problems later on.

If you come to a point where your RP is expiring try to avoid getting an Orange card. This can cause problems later especially when applying for nationality as it can indicate a gap in stay.

In the mean approach a good lawyer. I recommend Fragomen in Brussels.

Apr 25, 2019 16:34

Thank you for feedback.
I just visited the town hall this morning and understood that I will be eligible to apply for PR as from 12th June as I will finish 5 years on that time.

The issue now is my WP processing will take some time and my employer is asking me to travel back to India and come back post receiving the new WP. I may travel back end of May but will not deregister the RP.

Will this impact my eligibility for PR or can I just come back and apply for PR once I have the new WP(single permit)?.


Apr 26, 2019 13:06

Better to get advice from the lawyer as the single permit is a new system and generally lawyers are more upto date than relying on info from forums (which could be experience from the old system). Id say try to not go back as once you're there and if the RP expires then you will need a visa to come back and that might affect your PR chances but as I said get the advice of a lawyer. I smell a rat about your employer asking you to come back to India and delaying your WP (and PR) chances. Im guessing your company is one of the big Indian IT companies right?

Apr 29, 2019 10:42