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Here's an update on the effect of registration on Q&A, in the hope that sense might prevail.

The daily verage numpber of questions during weekdays have been as follows:

The three days before registration      57

First week of registration                   20

12-16 Sept                                      20

19-23 Sept                                      15

26-30 Sept                                      16

3-7 Oct                                           11

10-14 Oct                                        14

If Xpats have made the registration procedures a bit more stringent, we might be down to zero.


Bulletin boards have "register" features in order to filter out undesirable or un-moderated postings. Registration discourages dishonest and unethical posters from advertising on the site and from exploiting registered members. Very few bulletin boards offer free for all postings for this reason. If you want to publish an un-moderated discussion forum for everyone here then you can easily do so. The problem is it will be of poor quality. Personally I am sick of reading these pointless statistics, what are you trying to achieve?


Oct 17, 2011 12:24