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I bought a new mobile from a proximus branch 9 days ago.
All they got do is swap the number from my old phone to my new one.
9 days later after many phone calls and visits to the branch...all I am told is..:"ok sorted...wait 24 hours.
I even went on a bus on my crutches (just had anoperation on my foot)......still nothing.
I sent an email to the CEO of Proximus yesterday.
I am carrying my old smashed phone around with me to make calls.
Any other advice please.
Thank you.


Belgacom, Proximus. Only the name has changed.

Jun 16, 2017 10:44


Very sorry to hear your experience. I am an expat who works for Proximus and I informed customer operations about your experience. They are also very sorry and would like to urgently talk to you and help you out. Is it possible for you to visit the Proximus facebook page and explain your issue. Once done, just reply to this post and they will escalate your issue and get it sorted out.

Hope this helps.

Jun 16, 2017 11:22

Try logging your complaint with:

You should also be able log complaints and/or ask questions via MyProximus, presuming you have registered

Jun 16, 2017 11:30

Sorry to hear your story. We've had very bad service. We had been a client for number of years. Their service is unacceptable. I can't even think to begin to explain. We've recently changed to another service provider.

Jun 16, 2017 11:31

You have to speak as you find.
I've been with Belgacom/Proximus since I moved here almost 25 years ago - they were the only option then. I have never had a problem with them since Day 1 and I've found the staff in their shops extremely helpful. I have the same number for a fixed phone through 3 different addresses and the same number for a series of mobiles.
When I bought my latest mobile phone they swapped the sim card as usual though it had to be made smaller which makes me wonder how you can be carrying your old smashed phone around to make calls. Why was the sim card not just swapped over and how did they expect you to use your new phone if it wasn't?

Jun 16, 2017 13:31

"All they got do is swap the number from my old phone to my new one."

You should take the SIM card out of your old phone and put it in the new one. That's all you need to do.

Jun 16, 2017 13:41

I agree with Anon, and I don't understand the problem. Is this a hoax or is there something else that you are not telling us about?

Jun 16, 2017 18:30

No it's genuine problem I know this person I'm not clear if she is able to simply switch the sim if she were I'm sure she would have done it already maybe her old sim was micro size and new one isn't. I'm sure she is doing this because someone at Proximus told her to do this.
Kaiserstamper you're lucky we have issue with then each and every time we were trying to get connected we were here and left came back five years later to a different address no outstanding bill they decided they didn't comprehend that but didn't contact the husband simply didn't turn up to connect our TVs phone and internet.
We switched a few years later after another move the gsm signal was poor switched back again Terrible experience staff lied told us we could keep
Our existsinf number which we couldn't you have no idea how long that took again they simply didn't come on an appointment that had been made in store so I for one think their customer service is at best poor if you have a problem they take a long time to resolve it

Jun 20, 2017 07:49