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Proposal to cancel flights between Brussels and Amsterdam

16:29 06/03/2019

CD&V have tabled a proposal in the federal parliament to limit or abolish short-haul flights in and out of Brussels Airport. The proposal follows the Netherlands’ resolution to cancel flights between Amsterdam and Brussels.

Yesterday, it was reported that the Dutch House of Representatives has called on its government to enter talks with Belgian authorities about banning flights between their capital cities. With check-in, take-off and landing, passengers actually lose time flying compared to taking the train. With the train being significantly more environmentally friendly, the House finds no reason to continue flights.

The federal economy minister and Brussels’ environment minister both responded positively. Economy minister Didier Gosuin (Défi) told Bruzz that “flights over short distances are completely irrational,” while Brussels minister Céline Fremault (CDH) said that Belgium should get busy promoting train travel. “That’s why ensuring a democratic price for the train is crucial,” she said.

Today, CD&V parliamentarian Vincent Van Peteghem submitted a proposal with a number of suggestions, including that a research project be launched into how short-haul flights could be replaced by train routes, how to improve the infrastructure to allow more high-speed train travel and fiscal solidarity on a European level.

Groen supports the proposal, suggesting that distances of less than 1,000 kilometres should cost the same or less in a train than on a plane. “This economic model of low-cost air tickets isn’t sustainable,” said Groen MP Stefaan Van Hecke. “We are all paying for it in other ways.” He wants to move away from “flea market prices” and asks for “fair competition” for the rail system.

Written by Lisa Bradshaw



when governments interfere with a free market economy ......

Mar 6, 2019 16:53
Frank Lee

Finally, our politicians tackle the important issues of the day... I'm glad because the violent demonstrations by tens of thousands of people angry at those flights will now cease. I'm also happy for the airline executives who were not able to make their own decisions based on economic conditions. They can always count on politicians to be the voice of wisdom.
This post was scanned by the Sarcasm Detector 3000, which found none present.

Mar 7, 2019 18:19