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I am looking for references for two professional services
1. A Carpenter who could build a fitted wardrobe in my house
2. A locksmisth to replace some of the locks at home
Do you know of any good professionals that have ever worked for you.
Professionals looking for work please do not contact me. I am only interested in references from former clients.

From the archives

I ordered 2 wardrobes from Mobiroc, it's a company situated in Liege,the address is Tongre 439, 4000 Rocourt,tel. 04 263 63 93 (they have a website,just google it). It was recommended to me by a Belgian friend who is an architect. Great service and very good quality of work + better prices compared to Brussels (I checked Les as du Placard but the price for the same quality of material was higher + I was not impressed with the service).
The person who took my order was very helpful and gave very good ideas (even stopped me from ordering something that was more expensive but not very practical). However he spoke only French but may be they have other sales pople who can speak English.

Aug 22, 2011 15:49