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Professional evaluation of the value of my flat


I am planning to sell my flat in Brussels to finance buying a flat in my own country in preparation for my retirement. While I know I could go to a locl Estate Agent for a valuation, I was looking for someone who could not only value the property realistically (i.e. not over value it to get my buisness) but also advise on what I need to do to improve the value of the flat. But a realistic valuation is my main objective. Any ideas/advice gratefully received. Thank you, James


A notaire/notaris will give you a valuation for a smallish fee, they have access to actual selling prices which you won't have.
However, I reckon the best way is to spend some time on immoweb looking at comparable properties noting both the facilities and state that are emphasised and the (range of) prices (and noting any advertised reductions). If you do this regularly over a period of a couple of months you will get a good feel, not only for prices, but also for how fast property turns over in your area. Although the immoweb prices may not reflect actual selling prices (which could be 10% lower, or, if property is turning over fast, even higher), it is these advertised prices with which you will have to compete. Remember that you can always use the old "offres à parti de" trick which according to a local, and very successful, immobilier often results in a higher achieved price.

Jun 16, 2018 11:00

Thank you for this advice. I will try this.

Jun 20, 2018 16:46