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Procedure for buying a car without CT for sale


I'm interested in buying a car that has the registration document, certificate of conformity, carpass and valid regular CT - but car is not plated since last Spetember and consquently doesn't have the specific CT for sale.

Current owner does not want to get plates to simply pass the CT for sale. Any ideas what the procedure to buy is here?


See if you can have garage plates somewhere against a fee.
Make sure insurance goes with plates.

Decide only after vehicle has gone trough CT

Feb 18, 2017 19:39

We know someone who tried to do this - it got sorted in the end but it took months running after all the right paperwork.

Only do it if you are sure you want that car at the price you're being asked for.

Feb 18, 2017 19:45

The current owner has three choices:

He gets plates and puts the car through the special CT to enable a private sale,

or he sells the car to a dealer, probably at a substantial discount,

or he "sells" the car to one of those nice Morrocan gentlemen who will even buy wrecks but won't pay much at all.

You can't register the car without the special CT document, how do you know that the car is actually his to sell?

Feb 18, 2017 21:35

CT does not prove ownership
Even the former registration (pink document) does not prove ownership as you can licence a car belonging to someone else (with his agreement)
Ownership is proved by the original purchase invoice.

It is the former owner that has to go to CT and for that license plate are required. If he now owns another car, he could (after agreement of his insurer) put his current license plates on the car and drive that way to the CT. He will get a red card (refusal) for registration problem but you will have a good view on the other problems (if any) and then can register the car and go to CT again with your plates.

Note that when you buy "private" you buy with any recourse against the seller and no warranty if the car breaks down 5 minutes after te sale.

When you buy from a second hand car dealer, you have a 1 year warranty and not all the CT problems described above.

For you to decide if you know the seller well, can thrust the person and really want that car.

Feb 19, 2017 08:03

Tell him to take it to a garage and get them to CT it on their Z plates.

Or walk away.

Feb 19, 2017 09:35