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Problems with Electrabel


Hi there
I left Belgiam a couple of years ago and am now getting chased by some debt collectors in Brussels for an unpaid electricity bill. I dispute the bill, as Electrabel had sent me incorrect bills for over two years and despite faxes, registered letters and phone calls, never corrected them (the amount they claimed I owed went from approx 40 euros in my first bill, to over 1,500 euros in each bill for the next two years).

Even when the did a final bill and sent me an itemised bill for all my payments, they still managed to miss out some payments and get other amounts wrong. I don't believe I owe them the money they say (about 300 euros), but have offered to compromise with an offer of 100 euros.

I am not working at the moment and don't have the money to pay them even if I wanted to. I have about 100 euros lying in an old account, which is what I've offered to pay them.

As I am not in Belgium anymore, can they come after me and what can they do? Do they have jurisdiction in the UK, or if they sell the debt, can it be recovered in another country?

Trying to talk to them has been a bureaucratic nightmare. I have sent over 80 emails, faxes and letters since the time they started incorrectly billing me.

Thanks in advance.

From the archives

Tell them to feck off. Sorted.

Aug 23, 2011 16:44