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Problem with short circuits


I have an electrical issue at my home, and hope I can get some input here:

Since October, I have a new washing machine. Everything went well until May, when I started having short circuits while the washer was running, i. e. total power outages in my apartment. First, I thought it had to do something with an upgrade in the electric system in the house (after more than 40 years, it had to be adapted to modern standards, so new breaker boxes were installed), but now a neighbor gave me a fuse, which we plugged in at the washing machine - and this fuse just broke while I did the laundry this morning. So I guess that is a proof that my washer is the problem? Is there a way to repair it? I would welcome any advice or suggestions!


I would look at what changed in May.
If there was no problem with the machine until then, why did the problem suddenly start? And why would it be the washer?
If that was when the upgrade was done then that must be the cause.
Is the fuse appropriate for the power of the washer and/or is the total power of all the equipment running on that circuit too much for the fuse?

Jul 24, 2021 11:56

Firstly be careful and get it fixed by a professional before you get electrocuted or you cause a fire.
Is the washing machine connected at a plug with a suitable circuit breaker at the fuse box?
If you bought it in October, it is under warranty so call out an engineer via the shop.

Jul 26, 2021 00:18

You've just had a new electrical installation and now you're having trouble with the washing machine blowing the fuses. Call the electrician that did the installation!!!

Jul 26, 2021 12:45

Unclear if you are renting or owning, as you say many old houses the wiring isn’t designed to run modern appliances in the correct way with separate fuses to run larger appliances and sounds the washer is pulling too much power but it’s unclear why that happened now and not when you got it. If was not resolved upgrading the old electrical system go back to company who did this and ask for them to come and sort out the circuits so you do not have this. If it’s regulations standards should not be happening. I don’t think it your washer I think it’s your wiring

Aug 5, 2021 10:25