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Problem with Bank/Landlord to get Tenancy deposit back (After signing the deposit)


After a very conscious "Etat de Leiux" with our former landlord where we check all the state of the apartment our landlord after have checked that we were giving her back the apartment in a very good condition (Extremely clean, no damages, scratches, recently cleaned) she finally signed the Template of the bank to release the deposit, giving us all the deposit that we made at the beginning of the lease.

However, when the bank was doing the confirmation of the signature of the landlord, she just gone. She didn't pick up the calls from the bank, she didn't reply the 2 voice messages the bank leave on her box phone and when we just texted her on our WhatsApp group with her she says the next: "Well, I just spent 3hours cleaning out (My flatmate's) hair out of the bath so your guarantee is at this point the last of my concerns". What means she will probably not reply to any communication from the bank, and the bank will probably not release our deposit because of our landlord attitude.

So, we are wondering, what other mechanisms do we have in Belgium in order to proof that actually the signature of her was exactly the right one that she signed the date we made the inventory.

Another tricky way of the landlords to make the life of the expat hard in Belgium, (I am disappointed as my former landlord is Flemish and they are not like that),



"my former landlord is Flemish and they are not like that"

Excuse me???

Jul 8, 2017 14:58

Did you think of asking for a colour photocopy of your landlord s passport or id card? That is what NY Bank asked me for when opening the blocked account and I ve saved it for departure

Jul 8, 2017 17:44

Check first if there are provision in your lease about the delay to release the guarantee. If yes, go accordingly. If not, send the landlord a formal "mise en demeure" by registred letter to release by a certain date and advise him/her that you will be seeking damages and interests past that date.
If nothing is happening, you can just go to the "juge de paix" with all your documents about the case. That is free and cheaper than going to a lawyer.

Jul 8, 2017 18:45

E.Ash's suggestion is very sensible. I would just like to add that it could be better to go for recorded delivery mail "accuse de reception." You can ask an opinion at La Poste.

Jul 8, 2017 19:18

Guys can you explain me a bit more how this things can help? I am actually thinking to go to the office of protection for tenants to see whether they see an option.
I called the bank to see which are the legal possibilities we can find to proof that the signature of the landlord is actually the real one, so I am still waiting for their answer. The thing is that the landlord already signed the document to release the deposit.

Jul 10, 2017 11:14

Sorry had not seen your last post.
You can send me a mail to with a mobile phone number and I will give you my number to call but do not like to have it on the web.

Good luck

Jul 23, 2017 15:35