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Private Secondary school in the middle of the year


I have a 14 yo daughter. We would like her to change school in the middle of the year, as we are not satisfied with her current school. She speaks English & French (I would say B2 level) and she is excellent as a student.
Do you know if there is a private school in brussels that can accept her by the beginning of the new year?
p.s. we prefer a bilingual (EN + FR) school.


Personally I'd say it was highly unlikely, but in reality, no one here can answer that question (unless they happen to be head of admissions at one of the schools). Also, as many of these schools will be closing today or tomorrow for Christmas and the New Year, getting hold of anyone prepared to make a decision so quickly will be exceptionally difficult. You'll just have to call around and see who you can get hold of. Good luck!

Dec 21, 2017 11:52

Agreed with the post above i would suggest you approach the school wtih your concerns and start looking to move her at the ens of the year. Are you after a fee paying school? The best ones have limited space in my experience even if your child is a good student they will have a limit that they wont cross

Dec 21, 2017 14:40

There will be few English secondaries that won't accept, as with private, it's money and few ever fill their places. You're 100% going to find places in the private sector. One large secondary in particular is struggling for children, with a significant drop in US nationals. BSB wil be easy, so will ISB.

If you want a French secondary and you're in French secondary now, you'll have to go through derogation and will need a good reason to change.

Dec 21, 2017 17:10

BSB bilingual class however will be a definite no, you need C1 level French to be in it and it's the only class which will be full.

Dec 21, 2017 17:11

Please look into this page for more info

You may consider these two ( predominantly EN)

Dec 21, 2017 17:23

ISF Waterloo is ONLY English.

Here is the full list of 12 private English and English-French schools in Brussels and Brabant. Lycee Moliere is however more of a private French with bit of English.

International School of Brussels (ISB)
Lycée Français Jean Monnet (elementaire, college,lycee)
Bogaerts International School
ACE of Brussels
Brussels International Catholic School (BICS) secondary
British School of Brussels
International Montessori (Woluwe Hof Kleinenburg)
European School Bruxelles Argenteuil
International School of Flanders (ISF) Waterloo
St John's International School
Ecole Internationale Montgomery
Lycée Moliere

Dec 21, 2017 18:40

Sorry should have added, these are the private schools which do secondary.

Dec 21, 2017 18:41

Thank you all for your info. I will check the schools and we will see...

Dec 22, 2017 09:24

British International School of Brussels

Dec 22, 2017 09:57


we are in the same situation. We decided to change school from January. We chose Brussels International Catholic school. They have french and English curriculum.

Dec 22, 2017 10:02